I'm committed to protecting You.   


Our government's true purpose is to protect the well-being and welfare of its citizens.  Nonetheless, I find that government 'often' misses when it comes to this protection.  Therefore, I will fight to:  


  • Preserve, protect, and enhance your Health:  I want to tell the truth about your health, the existing healthcare system, and confront and challenge the institutions that could give a damn about your health, the health of your children, the health of animals, and the health of this planet.  I also want to allow humans, in appropriate cases of terminal, incurable and chronically painful illnesses, to exercise a right to die, including but not limited to a right to physician-assisted suicide.



  • Cultivate our nation's excellence in Education:  I am very interested in fostering a humane education system, where our children are taught to think critically.  My own daughter, who is 12 years old, exemplifies this model.  As such,  I will fight to pass the Humane Education Advances Research, Technology, and Science Act (“HEARTS Act”).



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