Our movement is not about food.

20 years ago, when I made a decision to pursue and commit to a vegan way of life, I would never have imagined that I would be here, in the company of so many brave human beings.

People I consider true leaders.

It makes me think.

We need leadership that is humble. Leadership ready to collaborate and who can shift the tone and focus of policy from consequences, to resolutions focused on root cause.

What separates humans from other living beings is our intellectual advantage. We have leveraged our intellect to develop some pretty incredible solutions, like technology in all its forms. After all, you and I are connected nearly telepathically, by way of a smartphone; by way of 0's and 1's.

Yet despite our obvious intellectual advantage, we are:

-led by human beings who continue to perpetuate childish behavior -led by human beings with a ‘you started it first’ mentality -led by human beings who refuse to leverage our compassionate intelligence as a competitive advantage; and, -led by human beings who choose war over peace and who choose coercive strength over intellectual might.

Thus, I’d like to discuss an analogy of scale to drive home this point. So, if you would be so kind as to indulge me, please imagine with me. Imagine, if you will, two countries where both were made up of 100 people. 50 women and 50 men in each country.

Imagine, if you will, that each of these two countries were host to 10,000 non-human animals. Now imagine if each of these countries were led by two completely different types of leadership:

-One who set a tone of peace, compassion, and respect for all life. -The other who established a tone of indifference, division, aggression, and violence.

Specifically, imagine the country whose leadership only perpetuated the natural human instinct to respect and preserve life, while the other perpetuated a learned habit for the disrespect of life and encouraged the other 99 people to torture, mutilate, and kill its non-human animal co-inhabitants, indiscriminately.

Imagine further, if you will, what it would look like if each of these countries were to engage with other countries:

- Imagine the country with respect for life in all of its forms, including that of its non-human animal citizens, and the fruitful relationships it would enjoy with neighboring nations of 100 people. -And then imagine the country that encouraged it’s 100 citizens to kill, torture, mutilate, and EAT it’s 10,000 non-human animal friends; and what the outcomes and consequences would be if THAT country were to engage with other countries...especially if that country were to engage with other countries that are smaller in population.

Which country would logically have the more favorable outcomes?

The one that would naturally enjoy(?):

1. a sustainably prosperous economy. 2. a fiscally responsible, conscientious and competent govenance framework led by compassionate people for whom ethics and integrity are not optional. 3. lasting, secure peace and cooperative relationships with other nations. 4. a healthy, educated population with abundant opportunities to pursue happiness, and 5. a humane legal system in which all beings are free from exploitation, discrimination and abuse.

The answer is logical.

The answer is obvious.

I’ve asked my 13 year old this same question, and she understands the positioning, just as I’m sure that you do. Yet, despite the reasoning of this proposition, there is opposition.
As a matter of fact, when the Humane Party introduced proposed constitutional amendments like the Abolition Amendment, which calls for the abolition of non-human animal slavery, opponents came out of the woodworks to quickly shift the focus of the solution to food.

Specifically to a focus of what to eat and how to eat...who to eat.

Our movement is not about food.

It's about root cause.

It's about peace.

It's about compassion.

Therefore, please lend us your support to replace our current governmental representatives with compassionately intelligent human beings. And continue to be brave and give thought to running for local, state, and federal offices as a Humane Party candidate.

Let's together change the world.

© 2019-2023 Clifton Roberts