I've been waiting for you.

· You see, by this time, the hero had also evolved.

· In a day and age of instant access to information

· The hero was exposed to even more truths, as well as untruths;

· Our hero was exposed to revelations, as well as secrets;

· Exposed to new information, as well as mis-information.

· And when the boy evolved into a man with an unshakable belief

· In justice for all, including non-human animals, he heard whispers of this hero.

· That there indeed existed a human being that didn’t need to be convinced;

· Of a human being that understood that the Latin root word of animal

· Means spirit, light, soul, and breath.

· And that the mistreatment of these wonderful beings

· Is the root cause of nearly every issue we face today

· Including our aggressive position in dealing with our own citizens and with other countries

· As well as climate change, hunger, economic strife, and the experience of an unhealthy life.

· This boy, now a man, sensed that heaven would send him a hero.

· And today, I am proud to say that this man’s wish has been fulfilled.

· I’m sure you can guess, that the boy I speak of is me.

· And the hero is….you…

· All of you here at this gathering today.

· You are the person…the hero…the protagonist of this story

· That I have been waiting for all of my life to meet and to work with.

© 2019-2023 Clifton Roberts