Are you selfish or selfless?

Had to share, as it’s fresh on my mind. This morning, on a private jet (for my day job), a colleague asked me about veganism. I explained my reasons, the impact and benefits to animals, and the advantages of veganism to our planet. His response after offering this testimony, “I just couldn’t do it, I love my steak.” I paused for just a few seconds, looking him directly in his eyes, genuinely curious and asked, “Would you categorize yourself as selfish or selfless?” Pause. He responded, “Selfless.” I retorted, “Really? You twice said, ‘I,’ and once said ‘my’ in claiming that, 'I just couldn’t do it, I love my steak.’ Do you honestly classify that as ‘selfless?’ Or would you categorize that as ‘selfish?” Another pause. He uncovered a half-grin, and said, “That’s totally selfish of me to even think that way…to call it, ‘my steak.’ I hear you, Clifton.” Epilogue: This colleague of mine may not ‘go vegan’ tomorrow, but I’ve planted a seed (for the future) using his own words. It's always a better day than yesterday when a vegan can plant a seed.

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