I'm committed to Justice, Security, and Peace of Mind.


Our government was founded on the principle of fair and blind Justice; founded to offer its citizens Security; founded to offer its citizens Peace of Mind.  And once again, I often find that our government misses significant opportunities to enhance the programs designed to maintain and perpetuate these three key pillars.  Hence: 


I am committed to establishing and maintaining Justice by: 

  • modernizing our state's (and country's) intellectual property and freedom-of-information laws, including:

    • harmonization of copyright and trademark law with patent law so that private causes of action for infringement remain, while criminal penalties that include the possibility of incarceration are eliminated.

    • establishing a guarantee of free, immediate, and unrestricted public access to all information produced by or in collaboration with any governmental entity or any tax-exempt entity, including private academic institutions that benefits from tax exemptions, except where clear and convincing demonstrations by any party in possession of such information that such access would present an immediate and articulable threat to national security;

    • eliminating (i) copyright eligibility for any audible or visible recording of purposeful, knowing, or reckless violence by a human against another animal; and (ii) trademark eligibility for any good or service involving such violence through the passing of the Violence Is Not Entertainment Act (“VINE Act”); and

    • protection of whistleblowers who expose illegal governmental practices against governmental retaliation


  • ending the inhumane, fiscally unsound, and antiquated criminal investigation, trial, sentencing, and incarceration systems and practices, including:

    • repeal of so-called “Three Strikes” laws and other inhumane mandatory sentencing laws;

    • repeal of the so-called “Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act” (AETA), ”Ag-Gag” laws, and other attempts to suppress speech, expressive conduct, and political dissent;

    • elimination of the death penalty;

    • maximizing the value received by taxpayers from criminal justice expenditures by replacing animal-based products with plant-based products in all criminal justice contexts; and

    • elimination of systems and practices that create profit motives to incarcerate people or keep them incarcerated.


  • ending the inhumane, scientifically indefensible, and economically unsound exploitation of other species by humans, including legislation like the Humane Party's proposed Abolition Amendment. 


  • recognizing, through passing of the Genocide Recognition and Reparations Act, (i) the European invasion of the land masses now under U.S. jurisdiction as comprising a series of unprovoked acts of war and genocide; and (ii) the transatlantic human slave trade and the institution of human slavery itself as comprising a series of unprovoked acts of war and genocide; such legislation and action including:  


  • removal of the names and likenesses of chief perpetrators and enablers of these wrongs from all places of honor, i.e., U.S. currency and landmarks.  

  • establishment of, on behalf of the true and rightful descendants of victims of these wrongs, an agency tasked with designing and implementing a comprehensive system for remedying, to the extent possible, these wrongs; wherein:

    • the remedies so provided shall be provided exclusively by the U.S. federal government and preempt all other remedies within the U.S.; and

    • the U.S. federal government shall subrogate to all claims adjudicated pursuant to this section and be empowered to seek contribution from those nations who participated in or profited from these wrongs.


I am committed to providing for the common defense, promoting general welfare & Security by:   

  • enhancing national security through legislation and action including:

    • implementing the fiscal, energy, ethical, and environmental policies detailed herein;

    • modernizing our countries approach to national security in order to achieve both greater security at lower costs;

    • maximizing the value received by taxpayers from defense expenditures by replacing animal-based products with plant-based products in all national security contexts.  

    • eliminating systems and practices that create profit motives to engage in war or to encourage other nations to engage in war.

  • replacing fossil fuels and nuclear fission methods with alternatives that serve our immediate and long-term economic and state security interests. 

  • remedying, both independently from and in concert with the international community, the harms caused by these existing fuels and methods.


I am committed to preserving your Peace of Mind by: 

  • common sense approach to the evolution of the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

  • requiring a balanced state budget and fighting for a constitutional amendment to require federal legislation to balance our federal budget




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