I'm committed to protecting our Environment  


Our government is in business to protect its citizens and the Environment they occupy.  And again, I often find that government misses (big) when it comes to this protection.  Therefore: 


I am committed to defending our air, land, and water resources against further contamination and depletion, including: 

  • the prevention of anthropogenic effects on air quality, soil quality, and water quality beyond those inherent to humans as organisms;

  • the establishment of zero-landfill waste management systems in all U.S. jurisdictions;

  • the preservation of the remaining ecosystems of which our nation is a part, including the development and pursuit of an international agreement to the Non-Militarization of Animals Treaty (“NMAT”).  

  • the protection of the remaining species who inhabit such ecosystems, including, until the Abolition Amendment has rendered such measures moot, emancipating and granting legal personhood to all animals on public lands, through passing of the Live Animal National Defense Act (“LAND Act”).  

  • the revitalization of such ecosystems and remediation of such anthropogenic effects.



I am committed to ending non-emergency-based use of toxic, hazardous, and economically unsound & illogical fuels and energy production methods, including: 

  • replacing fossil fuels and nuclear fission methods with alternatives that serve our immediate and long-term economic and state security interests. 

  • remedying, both independently from and in concert with the international community, the harms caused by these existing fuels and methods.


I am committed to ending "inhumane" and "economically unsound" practices with respect to genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which includes:

  • banning genetic modification of animals;

  • banning GMOs from food supplies with a focus on systems that expose humans or other animals, whether wild or domestic, to GMOs without preceding knowledge, warning, and/or permission.

  • imposing strict liability on all parties whose conduct who violates the above.

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