Hello, my friend:  


Thank you for your support. Means the world to me.


A few things: Over the last 5 years, I have (hopefully) demonstrated my commitment to the world and to you in amplifying your voice on the national stage of politics.  And while my first attempt to win the Office of President of the United States failed, I can assure you that the attempt in no way discouraged me to dust my shoulder off and heave forward.  I was asked to compete in the Humane Party’s first ever presidential primaries this year, and I will do so. 


Our community, our nation...our world is facing problems and challenges I am actively confronting and, if elected, will fix. And while my camp actively addresses these issues, such an effort does indeed need your help.    


I know you are committed to the following:   eliminate senseless killing, refocusing on the environment, and ensuring peace, liberty, and justice for all beings. Well, your support is crucial to the ongoing development of constitutional mechanisms to address these challenges. 


Please do make a monthly donation of any amount to help us achieve our mission. 


Thank you in advance for your contribution.


Contributions can be made here:  https://politics.raisethemoney.com/committee-for-clifton-roberts


As for volunteering,  I will need as much assistance as possible to determine a few things:


  1. What it will take in your state to gain ballot access. This will require a few hours a week of work to ascertain the requirements, and then organize a group of volunteers to execute a plan to meet the requirements. 

  2. What I’ve learned since the last election is that the requirements for ballot access are, in many states, difficult.  If this is the case, we will need to know what it will take to obtain a “write-in” status for your state. 


Looking forward to working with you!  



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